Saturday, 13 April 2019



One day, I was outside waiting, and I started talking to some people.  Nice people.  We talked about all sorts and we got along quite well.  I wonder why some people aren't nice.  Being nice doesn't cost anything. I think we should all try to be a bit nicer. Just for the sake of it.


Once upon a time in Brixton.  I was waiting for a bus, and a woman asked me for a light (for her cigarette). I gave her a light and we started talking.  We talked and smoked cigarettes.  I gave her a lighter and we went our separate ways with good vibes and positivity.


What's stranger than a stranger? Are they just different? Maybe you could make a friend?  Before you know them their a stranger!  Then where the best of friends dodgy,  sheisty, loco, mad, crazy, lazy, or just maybe>:-?=!. <♡@■¿☆~♢¤

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