Saturday, 13 April 2019



One day, I was outside waiting, and I started talking to some people.  Nice people.  We talked about all sorts and we got along quite well.  I wonder why some people aren't nice.  Being nice doesn't cost anything. I think we should all try to be a bit nicer. Just for the sake of it.


Once upon a time in Brixton.  I was waiting for a bus, and a woman asked me for a light (for her cigarette). I gave her a light and we started talking.  We talked and smoked cigarettes.  I gave her a lighter and we went our separate ways with good vibes and positivity.


What's stranger than a stranger? Are they just different? Maybe you could make a friend?  Before you know them their a stranger!  Then where the best of friends dodgy,  sheisty, loco, mad, crazy, lazy, or just maybe>:-?=!. <♡@■¿☆~♢¤

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Mine and yours

I only know my life . You only know yours.  How does it feel? I only know how I feel! They say "if I was you I would. .." But your not me. When the time comes you only have one chance to shine and the choice "IS YOURS".

Share With Friends

In my life, I've shared with friends, and they shared with me. I think that we need to care about our friends.  Those who care about us, so we should care about them. "Treat people the way you want to be treated."

Good and bad

Life is what you make it? Is it where you start? Is it where you finish? Or the average of in between? What do you think is a good life? Is it mine? Or is it yours? Or is it someone elses'.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Dedicated to Johanna Payton the Fashion Detective

I have a thought and it develops.  The ideas are brought to the forfont if my minds' eye. I clucth as I grasp the being of my creation.  The idea can be made into  something, but do I have the ambition and the drive to move it forward and become the creator.

I devote myself to an idea, a theme, a plot, a plan, and a concept. I research and study.  The time I have in the day is not enough and I require more, but my wish will never be granted.  So I look with anticipation and devotion.

I have skills,  but are they enough.  Should I acquire more or fine tune my craft. I walk, talk, abd take as i a wake. The opportunity a waits me. All I have to do is find it. To prosper, in a manner of greatness.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

the deal

I have received a contract for publishing my collection of poems.
"Thoughts from the Edge of Insanity"
by Anthony J W LEWIS

I am reading through the contract.
I am seriously considering signing it.

Friday, 14 September 2018


What does it mean to be a gangsta? What does it mean to be a killa? You can be a gangsta and not be a killa.  As well as be a killa and not be a gangsta. You can be a accidental gangsta or killa. Being a gangsta cones with responsibility, to protect , and teach those who look up to you. Being a killa is irresponsible. Do gangstas' kill or do killas' gangsta.

What is a gang? Do they have gangstas? Are you a gang leader or a yes man soldier? Do you do as your told? or? Do as you want? Does the gangsta gang leader take your advice and ask for it? or? treat you like a send out?

Untouchable. Respected. A King among princes. The one we want to be.  Orders are carried out to a tee or you die trying.  The general and chief.  The one you will die or kill for.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

The Seas 2

The Fish

The fish, they swim and live for life. So pretty to me but not to you.  The waves roll and the sea is ruff. The tide is high and then low. The time is mine and yours.

The Blue sea

The Blue sea givith.  The sea takith but when the sea is calm. We sail and enjoy the cook breeze and the salt smell.  The beaches are soft.  The shore calls. So we go and enjoy.


The sea plant is growing, as we speak.  The fish make it there home and the plant is infested by plants. The tropical sight is enjoyed by snooklers and beach goers. We enjoy the beatiful sights of life.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


In this land
In this land, there is misunderstanding and no trust. We need help, understanding, love and hope.  In this place can we find sanctuary in the storm. It is ever changing and evolving. Please help develop and nurture the human condition of humanity, live and grace.

In the day
In the day there is anarchy. There is no system for relief only confusion.  The night calls and we dream of peace and order. The next day comes, but what will it bring.

Through the pain, I only see confusion.  I dare to look for a calm happiness. There are obstacles and worries. But? I wonder how long will it last. and? I ask! Will this ever go away.