Friday, 14 September 2018


What does it mean to be a gangsta? What does it mean to be a killa? You can be a gangsta and not be a killa.  As well as be a killa and not be a gangsta. You can be a accidental gangsta or killa. Being a gangsta cones with responsibility, to protect , and teach those who look up to you. Being a killa is irresponsible. Do gangstas' kill or do killas' gangsta.

What is a gang? Do they have gangstas? Are you a gang leader or a yes man soldier? Do you do as your told? or? Do as you want? Does the gangsta gang leader take your advice and ask for it? or? treat you like a send out?

Untouchable. Respected. A King among princes. The one we want to be.  Orders are carried out to a tee or you die trying.  The general and chief.  The one you will die or kill for.

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